Credit Restoration Service

Our credit restoration program begins with an in-depth credit analysis to calculate and indicate areas of improvement for your credit score. We conduct a full 3 bureau audit of your credit reports followed up with a customized action plan to remove inaccurate and unverifiable information such as collections, medical bills, charge-offs, bankruptcies, and other derogatory information to improve the credit score. The charge for our service is based in a pay per deletion model. Our clients only pay for the items that are removed from their report. 

  • $199 Credit Audit
  • • Professional Credit Audit ($50 Savings)
  • Disputes with all 3 Bureaus
  • • Collector Disputes
  • • Creditor Disputes
  • Various Supplemental Reports are Reviewed and Disputed as Needed
  • • Weekly Credit Education and Coaching
  • • Customer Support
  • • 24/7 Client Tracking Portal
  • • Unlimited Dispute Items

Professional Credit Audit

Everyone’s financial situation doesn’t always require credit repair. Some of our clients just need a better understanding of how to optimize their credit and take their scores from good to Great! Our Credit Analysis is a customized service designed for those who need a professional to perform a thorough audit of their credit file before making big purchases such as buying a car or a home to make certain they are in the best possible position to obtain their credit and financial goals.

  • $249
  • • In-depth Analysis of all 3 Bureau Reports
  • (Identity IQ report is required)
  • • Review of outdated accounts
  • • Review for inaccurate personal information
  • • Review for accounts that can be made current
  • • Review of revolving and installment accounts with
  • high credit utilization
  • • Customized plan on how to fix inaccurate information
  • • Detailed written report of everything listed above
  • • Video Recording of Audit Appointment for your records


The DIY Duo is designed for the consumer who wishes to repair and restore their credit themselves. To begin to repair your own credit you must have a full understanding of all three credit reports. Navigating the credit report and preparing your disputes can be very challenging if you are not aware of how to identify the inaccuracies that exist and what to do about them. It’s not always the credit bureaus that you dispute with and if you don’t understand what items to challenge, why you’re challenging them and who to challenge them with you could end up creating a big mess, completely destroying your credit report for years to come, further lowering your score, and even worse – Getting Sued!

With the DIY Duo we deliver to you the exact professional tools we use when auditing and analyzing our client’s reports and preparing them for processing. These tools will break down your reports by each account, point out all of the inaccuracies that can be used to create your arguments to have them deleted and tell you exactly who to send them to.

The Duo comes with a guide on how to read the credit report, a report analyzer that is customized to your credit report that highlights all of the red flags to help you challenge negative and inaccurate accounts, a detailed customized credit audit, a do it yourself letter kit + a bonus letter and simple trick you can use right away that will improve the odds of your dispute letters working and jump start the process while you prepare for your first round of disputes. Many customers have even reported an increase in their scores within the first 30 days just by using this simple trick.

*The purchase of this product requires you to submit to us an updated 3-bureau credit report. You must obtain your 3-bureau Credit Report from Identity IQ. 
  • $399
  • • Customized line by line analysis of each item on each of your credit reports that identifies and highlights inaccuracies you can use to get negative items deleted (negative and positive reporting)
  • DIY Letter Pack
  • Jump Start Letter w/ Instructions to Help Improve Your Credit Restoration Results
  • • Everything included with the Professional Credit Audit

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