How It Works


  • We start with an in-depth look at your credit reports. During your consultation, we provide recommendations specific to your credit situation.


  • We design a customized plan to help you reach your credit and financial goals.


  • You’re enrolled into our program and you receive: a welcome contact, access to your 24 hour client portal to monitor your credit improvement at any time, immediate credit education.

What you can expect from us!

  • Free consultation
  • No up front fees – our credit audit fees are charged after the audit is complete
  • No hidden fees
  • Options to fit your financial situation and need
  • Start seeing results typically in the first 30-45 days
  • Unlimited disputes
  • Superior education that will not only increase your credit score but elevate your financial life
  • Money back guarantee – after 90 days if nothing has been removed from your credit report we refund all of your money back

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